Idris Dev


Quick and easy software solutions.

About Me

I'm a 24 year old developer from Australia, currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Majoring in Enterprise Systems, Minoring in Security. I enjoy learning new technologies and multiple ways of achieving set goals.

My Current Skillset

  • Website Technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Computer Software including Java, C# and Python.
  • Game Addon Languages including gLua (Garry's Mod) and Java (Minecraft Libraries).

My Portfolio

WiltOS Technologies (Link)

I am currently contracted to WiltOS Technologies where I revamped their homepage and created custom modules for their website as well as a custom API.

GoFundyMe (Link)

One of my assignments we were given we were tasked with creating either a piece of software or a website, I chose to make GoFundyMe which is basically a GoFundMe but for students.

Snake Game (Link)

I made a little snake game that has point storing completely out of JavaScript. Although small it was one of my first dabbles with JavaScript.

My Solutions

Custom Websites

Custom built websites using the latest technologies.*

Custom Software

Custom software solutions designed to be cross-platform from the start.*

Mobile Applications

Whether it is or or , if you need an application I can make it.*

Server / Client APIs

Need an API for an application? Want to make a mobile app easily communicate with a website? I can achieve it!*

Technical support

All applications including softare and websites I build come with optional technical support.

Gameserver Setup

Do you need a game server setup? or need someone to help? I can do that.

Server Administration

Need someone to create or host a server? I have experience in Linux server administration.

Database Setup

Any website or server I setup comes with free database setup.

Contact Me

For enquiries regarding pricing or custom solutions please feel free to email me at [email protected].